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Milford Food 2 Kids Thrives!

Milford Food 2 Kids began our mission to feed local school children in February of 2016, delivering 26 weekend food bags in two local schools.

Our mission is to fee local school children who have little or no food resources during the weekends away from school.

Our vision is to break the cycle of food insecurity so that every young person thrives!

By February of 2022, we served 160+ youth in 16 schools; engage volunteers of all ages; support model share programs; collaborate with community partners; and adapt to pandemic impact on food insecurity.
We're more than just weekend food bags! We work closely with social workers and other staff members at each school to meet the needs of some of our families whose circumstances have changed due to a lost job, illness or change in family dynamic, etc.

We supply each child in our program with a warm hoodie each year as the temperature drops. One child literally jumped up and down as he hugged his hoodie and shouted out how happy he was because he and his little siblings wouldn't be cold any longer. Sad, but true.

Several children in our program took advantage of our Summer Camp Scholarship Program attending a free week of camp at the Boys and Girls Club Camp which alleviated the burden of finding and paying for child care for working parents.

Food 2 Kids awarded scholarships to a graduating senior from each of our high schools, Foran High, Jonathan Law and Platt Tech. Each recipient met the criteria for financial need and was planning to major in a helping field such as social work, nursing, teaching, special education, psychology, etc.

We continued to share our model with other towns and cities that are under-resourced. To date, Stratford, Waterbury, Goshen and Orange have all started successful programs. Ansonia and Bridgeport will follow suit in September 2022 at the start of the school year!

As needs arise, Food 2 Kids is there to meet them. How? With your help, the help of our amazing community partners, local businesses, civic organizations and you!

5 Years & over $110,000 in donations

The Milford Bank began its support of Milford Food 2 Kids shortly after we delivered our first 26 weekend food bags in 2016.

To date, their yearly September campaign has raised in excess of $110,000 to support our mission and vision! 

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Month of Gratitude

November 2020 -- During the month of November, we share our gratitude with so many who have shared with us throughout 2020. Thank you to all who help alleviate food insecurity. Thank you for sharing!  [ more ]

Milford Food 2 Kids Gala Update

Milford Food 2 Kids Inaugural Gala was held in 2019 raising $50,000+ for the sustainability of our mission to feed local school children.

We'll be celebrating once again at our gala on November 4, 2022 at Grassy Hill Country Club. Stay tuned for more details! [ more ]

Tip A Teller--The Milford Bank & Gusto's

The Milford Bank's Tip-a-Teller event is back for the 2022-23 school year!

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