Kiwanis Club of Milford sponsors 5 kids for 2017-18

" A child's potential is limitless, but it needs to be nurtured."

On June 28, Club President Joe Lee and Treasurer Bob Alrich along with Kiwanis members welcomed Milford Food 2 Kids to their evening meeting at Gusto's.  The Kiwanis Club sponsored students last year through our program, and we shared our appreciation.  

Michele Steinlauf and Ashley Grant shed light on food insecurity among some children in our community Milford, the "how to" of our program, and the need for sustainability.  Club members asked important questions about identifying need, nutrition and volunteering.  As service-minded folks opperate with their problem-solving hats on, several members offered great ideas for engaging youth through the Key Clubs in Milford and possible resources for food delivery vehicles. (Thank you...)  

What Kiwanis does well, and what we at Milford Food 2 Kids try to do, is recognize that even with complex problems, we start by considering one child at a time.  Then by working together, we can make a big difference for our community.  

Thank you Kiwanis Club of Milford!  If you would like to learn more about this great organization, contact Joe Lee .

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