Live Oaks School Packs With Milford Food 2 Kids

Lewis Carole wrote, "One of the deep secrets of life is that
all that is really worth doing is what we do for others."

Students and families from Live Oaks Elementary School packed with Milford Food 2 Kids (MF2K) on a rainy Thursday evening in February. Two years after MF2K started packing and delivering food bags and over 50,000 pounds of food later, each packing event is a new opportunity for volunteers to "do for others."

Amber Zeoli, the PTA secretary and mom of Bobby and Katrina, organized the group pack. She brought her family earlier in the month to know what to expect. Packing is hands-on, intuitive, and easy to pick up because it is like "trick-or-treating."

Aaron was the first student to arrive and help set up. For every packing event, we set tables around the room and sort items: shelf-stable milk, juice, microwavable entrees, apple sauce, raisins, breakfast items and snacks. Aaron started counting and stacking cereal bowls (see picture). Soon, volunteers were unpacking applesauce and raisins, counting snacks and oatmeal packets, and double bagging.
Ms. Sandor, Mrs. Alderman, Mrs. O'Brien, Ms. Scull, Ms. Sawitsky and Ms. Antalik would have been proud of the math their students practiced!

The tables were loaded with stacks of food items, enough for 154 bags. Before we began packing, we talked about handling the food with great care because this was going to a student in one of our 14 schools. The food we pack will help feed other kids over the weekends. So each item had a special destination.

Mountains of food items eroded with every revolution of packers, and the sorting room bins were soon full. Each trick-or-treater said thank you along the way, and Bobby tallied up thank you's for the evening.

It is no secret, the Live Oaks volunteers (students, siblings at other schools and parents) along with local teachers, retired teachers, grandmothers and caring neighbors, shared in a worthy effort at this packing event, helping to provide food resources for kids facing food insecurity.

Thank you, Leila, Cooper, Alyssa, Ella, Allison, Rylie, Tino, Rosina, Aaron and Bobby, and thank you to the Live Oaks school community and PTA for modeling that "...all that is really worth doing is what we do for others!"

by Ashley Grant

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